Instalink Tutorial 1: Hello World!

How to create an endpoint. “Hello World Tutorial”

Topics covered:

Create a new project.Add a “Listen to Request” Action.Send a response.

Create a New Project

The first thing you'll need to do when building your own processes is to create a new project. Do the following to create a new project.

Log in to log in to be sure that you have your username and password handy.Then go to... https://admin.instalink.ioEnter your username and password. You'll be presented with the dashboard when you log in successfully.Select “Projects” from the menu on the left. You will then see a listing of your projects on the following screen. Your list will be empty if you have not yet created any projects.

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Our New Website

We’ve been so busy ensuring our customers have the best service possible that we have neglected to maintain our website as we would have liked. We’ve finally been able to devote some time and energy to building as it should be. Our website is now built using the same proprietary server and templating technology that we utilize for our clients.

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