New features in Instalink version 1.11.0 include:

  • Syntax highlighting for "Transform Data" custom scripts.
  • The ARRAY_SUB scripting operation no longer requires an end index.
  • New DECODE_XML scripting operation to parse XML strings
  • New ISO_COUNTRY and ISO_SUBDIVISION scripting operations for looking up ISO codes for places.
  • Updated the way in which process queue data values are stored to increase performance. (For now, accounts must individually opt-in to the new process format until the old format is officially deprecated at a later date)
  • Added support for the Secure File Transfer Protocol
  • Allow GET and HEAD requests to send an HTTP body
  • Added the ability to securely store project-level secrets such as SSH keys

Bug fixes in 1.11.0 include:

  • Fix for a problem in the "Check Data For" action that could cause a process crash with certain inputs.
  • Fix for a problem in the scripting language compiler that caused errors in the admin interface.
  • Improved performance when loading inbound request logs in the admin panel.
  • Fix for the lack of template capability in AWS Service field in "Send To URL" authentication settings.
  • Fix cached redirect in Run Action info link