New features in Instalink version 1.8.0 include:

  • Server Affiliation: Accounts can be assigned to specific processor servers.
  • Project Base Paths: Projects can specify a base path to avoid conflicts when endpoints are added with connectors
  • __REQUEST_PATH__ Process Var: Processes can access the original request path the Listen process was contacted with
  • Neutral Logs: You can now output arbitrary log information without forcing a response to the original request.
  • Append to Queue Finally: The Append to Queue process now has a finally branch that runs only when the queue item was successfully added to the queue.

Bug fixes in 1.8.0 include:

  • Fix for a potential problem where a cron could run on more than one account processor.
  • Fix for a problem with 1.7 memory updates specific to For Each Item processes.
  • Fixed a problem where the internal proxy server was sending bad header information in some cases.

Other changes in 1.8.0

  • Search for process queue items and outbound call records were disabled due to ongoing performance issues


Bug fixes in 1.8.1 include:

  • Fixed a problem where some data could be retrained across requests when a connector is called
  • Fixed a problem with the CSV formatter
  • A fix for memory updates from 1.7


Bug fixes in 1.8.2 include:

  • An additional fix for the memory updates from 1.7 to better handle Schedule Repeated Actions and Listen processes

Other changes in 1.8.2

  • Improved internal database monitoring