New features in Instalink version 1.6.0 include:

  • FTPS Connections: A new Connect to FTPS Server action has been added to interact with FTPS servers.
  • Decode CSV Transform: Added a new transform to decode CSV data.

Bug fixes in 1.6.0 include:

  • Fixes a problem where process queues can stop running unexpectedly.


Bug fixes in 1.6.1 include:

  • Added FTPS to outbound call record types


Version 1.6.2 updated various internal libraries used by Instalink


New features in Instalink version 1.6.3 include:

  • Processor restarts: Processors automatically restart when they fail

Bug fixes in 1.6.3 include:

  • Fixed form fields not appearing in the endpoints view


Bug fixes in 1.6.4 include:

  • Fixed problem where you could not save authorizations on Listen processes


New features in Instalink version 1.6.5 include:

  • Processor Exit View: Added a view where you can view processor exits, the reasons, and error information

Bug fixes in 1.6.5 include:

  • Fixed problem where processors would not restart when they failed for certain reasons, such as out of memory errors
  • Check Data conditions now handle null and boolean values correctly
  • Fixed a problem where request reruns would fail for GET and HEAD requests


Bug fixes in 1.6.6 include:

  • Various corrections to the internal logic for processing queues


Version 1.6.7 included fixes only relevant to Instalink developers


Bug fixes in 1.6.8 include:

  • A correction to Instalink's SQL driver


New features in Instalink version 1.6.9 include:

  • Queue Item Data Selection: Allows for specifying the data that is stored in queue items. This is intended to alleviate problems where queue items are storing far too much information which slows down processing times.
  • Memory Allocation: Administrators can set the maximum memory amount for processes on a per-account basis

Bug fixes in 1.6.9 include:

  • Improvements to memory handling to alleviate out of memory errors, including significant improvements to total memory usage by an individual processor
  • Dashboard cleanup


Bug fixes in 1.6.10 include:

  • Fix causing some processors to crash on startup
  • Prevent subdomains from changing on active accounts