New features in Instalink version 1.10.0 include:

  • Admin interface now displays total hosting costs for users who pay for hosting with a credit card. Users can also manage their account and payment options through the admin panel.
  • New users now have the option of signing up for Instalink directly through the website.
  • The rerun request menu now using a code editor instead of a basic text area.
  • Outbound Call records are now created as soon as the Send to URL request is attempted instead of only when the remote service responds. This ensures that calls to potentially slow-to-respond, or entirely unresponsive, external services are always logged.
  • Outbound call records will display a live status in the admin panel. The statuses are SENDING, RESPONDED, NO CONNECTION, NO RESPONSE.
  • Added an option for outbound call timeouts. This allows a user to specify the limit for the amount of time that they would like to wait before giving up on the call. Currently, Instalink will wait indefinitely which can cause problems if the remote service never responds.
  • Added inline deduplication option to queues. Users may select a unique identifier that gets checked in the data set of every item that is added to the queue. Any subsequent items that have a matching identifer will not be added to the queue. The deduplication check may be set to be valid for a specific period of time after the identifier is initially added to the queue.
  • Added ability for users on non-reserved processor instances to scale up or down their instance and processor allocation dynamically.
  • The version numbers of the attached connectors are now visible in the flow view when editing Run Actions.
  • Added new scripting methods including: ARRAY_UNIQUE, ARRAY_SORT, TEXT_SEARCH, TEXT_CONTAINS, EXISTS, and LOOKUP.
  • Added instance live CPU and memory allocation monitoring.
  • Instalink services health check now includes CPU and Memory usage. The health check also includes the instance identifier for accounts that are being load balanced.
  • New Admin Panel Dashboard which includes account listing updated to include CPU utilization, Memory usage, and Memory Pressure.
  • New reports and charts per account on the dashboard: Times Actions Occurred (All actions or specific actions), Processing Time (The average time Instalink spends processing actions), Response Time (The average time Instalink spends waiting for external services to respond to requests), CPU Utilization Percentage, and Memory Usage in MB.
  • New BINARY Send to URL data type. Allows for the loading of raw data from a remote service. No parsing will occur on the data.
  • Added rudimentary support for buffers in the processor data and associated operations.
  • Added option to modify the timeout of MsSQL requests. The current default is 15 seconds.

Bug fixes in 1.10.0 include:

  • Fixed issue where specific script parsing errors could crash the admin panel.
  • Fixed issue where omitting the FTPS hostname could cause the process to crash.
  • Fixed issue where queue retries could cause the queue to stop in certain circumstances.

Other changes in 1.10.0

  • Improved admin interface performance. Fixed issues where certain reports would time out.
  • New website at https://www.instalink.io
  • New, more in-depth, scripting syntax documentation.