New features in Instalink version 1.7.0 include:

  • Serialized Iterators: When iterating with a For Each Item process, the processor will wait for one iteration to complete before beginning the next iteration.
  • Script Code Highlighting: Transform scripts do code highlighting for improved maintainer experience.
  • Listen Process Counter and Indexes: The Listen process can record the number of items as well as the ids of items processed that are included in the search index for request records.
  • Help Documentation: Help tooltips and documentation were added to almost every view in the admin panel.
  • Serialized Crons: Added an option to the Schedule Repeated Action to prevent the cron from running if the previous run has not completed.
  • Service Health Checks: Added a view to the dashboard that allows the testing of service health.
  • Timezone Transform Operator: Added a new TIMEZONE operator to the Transform Data process to allow displaying a date with a timezone offset.
  • HMAC Signature Transform Operator: Added a new HMAC_SIGNATURE operator to the Transform Data to generate an HMAC signature.

Bug fixes in 1.7.0 include:

  • A fix for observers not working correctly

Other changes in 1.7.0

  • The text messaging system (for observer notification text messages) was replaced.
  • HTTP timeout for inbound connections was extended.


New features in Instalink version 1.7.0 include:

  • Forced Garbage Collection: Added an option for an account to force early garbage collection to limit memory usage.

Bug fixes in 1.7.1 include:

  • Fix for selects in the admin panel only showing a maximum of 50 items.
  • Fixed links from processes to related records to include an indexed sort.

Other changes in 1.7.1

  • Server configuration updated to limit network traffic from web crawlers
  • Update to Instalink's internal database pool management in the admin panel to improve performance.
  • Made the updates to memory handling optional on a per-account basis.


Bug fixes in 1.7.2 include:

  • Fix for consumer profiles not working with memory update
  • Fix to prevent data duplication when storing queue item data
  • Fix for the SQL driver to support Unicode